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Synapse AI - Decentralized AI on the blockchain

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Designer/Developer, and Co-founder

Product design for Synapse AI, a blockchain marketplace that would allow people the ability to monetize their data and data models.

Main website (left), ERC-20 mobile wallet (right)

The problem

Synapse AI was trying to solve two problems at once. First, to be a successful blockchain product, it needed to raise its status in the crypto space. Second, for long-term adoption, it needed to educate users on the value of its product offering.

Synapse AI was a product with the goal of monetizing data and allowing a marketplace to exist on top of that available data. Not exactly a simple product offering.


My role and process

While working on Synapse AI, I did all product design. To help make the product as valuable as possible for users, I was constantly in contact with different user types. These included crypto experts, ICO buyers (Initial Coin Offering), blockchain developers, and users in fields of initial data gathering (ex. financial data).

Team size: 2 designers, 2 Engineers, 2 Growth and Marketing Managers

Research and testing methods: User interviews, usability testing, analytics, rapid-prototyping, testing through ad funnels.


The solution

The answer to both problems listed above was to visualize and educate users on the value of their data; data that they currently give businesses today for free without a second guess. With a simplified message, I was able to build out the front-end design work for the main website, white paper, token sale site, and prototypes for the mobile ERC-20 wallet. Below is a video I also wrote to showcase this thinking.


The landing page and other assets used animation to create a unique feeling for Synapse.

Visuals were created in sync with a talented illustrator.

A simple mobile design I did for the ERC-20 token wallet.

The impact

Overall, Synapse AI was quite successful, with 500K+ users signing up for the main website, and $200K+ in sales.

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