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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Lead UX Designer

A multi-user-type web portal for SunGard and their hosting platform. I was the lead UX designer.

The problem

SunGard had an existing web hosting service for enterprise customers that did not give long-term insights into the costs associated with VM server costs. With a variety of user types (Engineers, Managers, Executives) needing to use the product, it was important to build a tool that was flexible for this use case of tracking costs, while not limiting development.


My role and process

As the lead UX designer, I worked directly with the SunGard team from the initial ideation phase to production. This included building out personas, user-flows, and multiple design sprints.

Team size: 2 UX Designers, 1 UX Researcher, 2 UI designers, 1 Product Manager

Research and testing methods: Client interviews, prototyping


The solution

As we began to work, it was important to break down the tool into the main user components, and understand how each user type was actually using their tools. Through brainstorm sessions with the internal SunGard team, we were able to define several clear paths for use.

Initial step was to define user roles properly.

I managed multiple group wireframing sessions.

Higher resolution wireframes

A few examples of repeatable views generated.

This work also led use to define the tool as not limiting developer access, but simply making their work more transparent.

Final design


The impact

With this work, SunGard was able to create a stronger and more flexible hosting solution for their enterprise customers, that truly gave insight into development costs and needs.

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