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Elan Bank - Client Resource Center

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Lead UX Designer

A platform for regional and bank managers and bank employees to manage marketing and collateral ordering, training, and client profiles.

The problem

Elan (through US Bank) had multiple websites and products that were used for their banks' resources. These products were separated by position, and also by product type with high amounts of overlap. An example of this would be products for regional branch marketing as well as products for branch marketing. With this overlap, there was a large amount of confusion.

Elan also needed an easy way for their branch managers to order marketing materials, train employees, and manage multiple branches online.

Lastly, due to the complications of their previous portal, branch participation in marketing promotions had been lower than expected.


My role and process

As a Lead UX designer at Clock Four, I worked directly with Elan’s marketing team and shared work with one other UX designer. This work included group brain-storming sessions, wireframing, and user testing of user flows and prototypes.

Team size: 2 UX Designers, 1 UI designers, 1 Product Manager, 5 Engineers

Research and testing methods: Client interviews, user analytics, prototyping


The solution

Elan's problem required the need for a simplified web portal that would allow all levels of bank employees to use it as a resource and provide better organization of related features. To do this, in launching the Client Resource Center, we focused on organizing content into a simplified navigation and user roles that matched bank roles.

Design patterns implemented

Information architecture design to allow for multiple user-types.

Low-fidelity wireframes

One of the most interesting insights in our research was how closely certain roles overlapped. For example, a regional bank manager may only have one bank to manage. Below are examples of the thinking that allowed for this. We also focused on scalability for the platform with reusable components.

Final design assets

The impact

With the launch of Elan's Client Resource Center, branches were able to raise overall enrollment in marketing campaigns and obtain a higher percentage of overall employee training.

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