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RadBots - Chatbot monetization platform

Developer / Co-founder

A chatbot design firm where I worked directly with chatbot customers, engineers, and publishers in designing chatbot experiences.

The problem

RadBots was launched after doing research on the chatbot space. Initially we focused on client solutions for chatbots, which led us to come to a larger conclusion that there was a monetization problem in the chatbot space.


My role and process

Chatbot monetization and discovery firm I co-founded, that was focused on helping companies monetize their existing chatbots or begin using chatbots as a new marketing solution. Included ad networks, partner networks, Alexa Skill bots, and Messenger bots. At RadBots, I worked directly with chatbot owners, and firms looking for new marketing strategies. This included user research and testing with Messenger bots and Alexa skills, among other things.

Team size: 1 Designer, 2 Engineers.

Research and testing methods: User interviews, analytics, rapid-prototyping.

The solution(s)

Initially, we focused on simple chatbots that we could build for clients. Below is an example of one of our first client projects, which helped define our research in the space.

Chatbot dialog written with clients.

To create a quick prototype for client feedback, I implemented a chatbot in Facebook using a service named Chatfuel.

After the Facebook chatbot was agreed upon, I moved to do a more advanced Alexa Skill. The prototype video is included below.

As our research progressed, we began testing funnels to see what users wanted, this led us to create a basic product offering of DB, data, and advertising.

To test our service, we had to implement just-in-time web development. So we were doing massive amounts of user outreach, then compiling the research into what was needed to launch RadBots as a service.

RadBots landing page.

Chatbot ad campaign view.

Example chatbot ad based on conversation.

As we continued, this research led us to discover the real value proposition we could do. This was to allow bot makers and individuals the ability to monetize their data directly. This led to the evolution of RadBots and the creation of the project Synapse.

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