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Second Layer - Browser app

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Product designer

A project to create a layer on top of web content, where everyone could have a voice.

The problem

With a constantly growing web, there are more and more places limiting conversations of people. How do we solve this? How do we allow people to talk about anything, anywhere?


My role and process

I created this product, from initial concept to fully functional prototype, with an outsourced dev team.


The solution

The larger concept of Second Layer was to be an application that let people find new content online and have a voice on all content. This worked as a browser plugin.

Second Layer worked as a browser plugin.

After installing the plugin, users could go to any website and start commenting.

Profile creation.

Education and help.

Example of the control panel and circles. Circles included comment counts, and they could be expanded on click.

Here are a few screenshots of the live application...

The impact

This project was more of a learning process for me, so the impact was low. But I learned a massive amount on how product releases work, and how to match design to engineer limitations. In the end, it was too similar to tools like Pinterest, but still a valuable learning experience.

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