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Man Crates - Gifts for men


Design and development marketing work I did to help scale Man Crates’ sales funnel.

Email notifications (Top), Sign-up widget (Bottom)

The problem

With a user list of around 500,000 people, the largest question was how to tighten the sales funnel through testing and learning.


My role and process

When I began working at Man Crates, my focus on front-end web development for the marketing team. My daily work required me to quickly prototype and test marketing strategies.

This work included:

  • New product testing

  • Landing page A/B testing

  • Email design

  • Implementing user tracking

  • Ad tracking


The solution

General testing, and learning on the job for the best way get feedback and results from users.

Example of emails I coded and automated.

Popup form I coded with JS.

I created multiple landing pages like this for testing marketing campaigns.

I designed and implemented an email template system. These are only visual examples, but text-focused were included as well.

Example email using the template I wrote after testing campaign success.

The impact

My work allowedMan Crates to continue to scale its marketing presence, and I personally got a chance to learn a lot more about product sales and marketing funnels.

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