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Google Assistant - Internal tools

Interaction Designer

I led IxD for Assistant internal tools at Google for engineer, linguist, design, internationalization, and multi-surface workflows.

For this role, I created design for multiple internal tools in collaboration with core engineers, designers, and linguists. This work ranged from creating and launching new tools, building full tool suite products, as well as redesigning and scaling existing tools for the Search and Assistant teams. Work also included creating custom Material design patterns to be more flexible for complicated use cases, which I used to scale product design more efficiently. These internal products are currently being used by thousands of internal Googlers internationally.

Initially I worked directly with a Senior IxD, but over time after they left Google, I carried on all design work on these tools, syncing with engineer leads and product managers throughout Google. The projects I worked on will be integral in supporting what Google launches externally for the Assistant for years to come.

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